Making Merry: Gift Wrap

I love wrapping presents. When I was younger the whole family would pile all the gifts in my room and I would wrap them for everyone. I even had a gift wrapping station in my room! I think this is when I first began to love paper arts. Because to me, wrapping presents is an art :) So today I thought I would show you a few presents that I wrapped for Christmas this year.

gift wrap

Year round my favorite paper to use is just plain white. I have always had a love affair with the color white and wrapping paper is no exception. For this package, I used twine and wrapped it around the gift several times and then tied it in a knot. Then I made a flower out of an old Fossil woodgrain print bag and glued a button in the middle. For the tag, I cut a rectangular piece of thin balsa wood and rounded the corners. Then I glued a piece of doily on the front and punched a hole in the top and tied it onto the twine.

gift wrap 2

For this package, I used the same technique at I did for the leaf garland and simply cut out leaf shapes from different kraft type papers I had around the house including more of the Fossil bag and a Starbucks cup sleeve. Then I sewed them together and tied them around the package. The last leaf in the chain I used as my tag to the recipient. Then I tied a piece of twine around it for a bit more texture.

gift wrap 3

Because I was going for the natural look this year, I also wrapped some presents in kraft paper. For this package, I made another garland out of small paper cicles like the leaf garland. Pictures of these paper garlands have been floating around all over the internet because of this Etsy shop. Kristina’s garlands are amazing and so, of course, I had to try one for myself. Although they are very cute, they are very time consuming and so, I only made one :) If you want one for yourself I recommend buying one of Kristina’s! There is a gorgeous purple one here.

For the pom pom, I simply cut strands of cloth and tied them all together around the middle then I fluffed them out. Pretty simple but you will probably end up with lots of tiny strings everywhere like I did :) Then I just added it to the package along with a shipping tag.

Unfortunately, most of my family doesn’t live here so I don’t get to wrap very many presents since most of our gifts are purchased online. But that’s okay because the gifts I do wrap I make extra special! How did you wrap your presents this year? Do you wrap them all the same or each one different?