Making Merry: Pimp My Wreath

This is another project I worked on for our church. We had a large wreath given to us but I wanted to add a bit more to it to pimp it up. I’m pleased with the outcome and hope you like it too :) By the way, I don’t profess to be a florist, I just put things together until I think they look pretty!

First of all, the before picture:
wreath 2

This wreath had been in storage so it was a bit on the flat and funky side. I immediately took off the bow since it didn’t fit in our color scheme and reshaped the branches. Next, I gathered my materials.

wreath 1
I bought a few greenery picks at our craft store, some berries, pinecones, and a bird from Target. I also had a helper…

wreath 3
Sydney thought it was fun to hide in the wreath so I had to find something else to entertain her or I never would have finished.

Next, I started taking apart the picks that I purchased and created smaller bundles combining greenery, berries, and pinecones. Then, using heavy wire, I tied them onto the frame of the wreath. Super easy, just a bit time consuming :) Lastly, I clipped on the bird.

wreath 6

I hung the wreath from a plaid ribbon from Target that I fell in love with (the same ribbon that was on the tree).

wreath 4

I can’t help myself, my favorite part is the bird :)

wreath 5

Isn’t he handsome?!

Next up: gift wrapping