Making Merry: Mummy Tree

Today I would like to share with you a tree I made from scratch. Early on I had decided I wanted to try it and it took me a while before I decided what materials I wanted to use to create it. I finally decided on using fabric. Here’s what it looks like:

mummy 1

Jason calls it a mummy tree because I wrapped all the branches and trunk in fabric. I liked the name and so it stuck.

mummy 2

To make it, I cut a block of wood on our chop saw and sanded it until it was smooth. Then I drilled a hole in the base that a wooden dowel would fit in and using wood glue I glued the dowel in.

mummy 3

Next, using sturdy wire (yet still bendable) I wrapped it around the dowel to create branches. Then I simply wrapped the strips of fabric around the branches. You can use thread to secure the ends or hot glue. Next I created smaller branches in the same manner and twisted them onto the existing branches to create smaller branches (they look like arms).

mummy 4

I like how it looks a bit frayed but you can go through and cut all the excess string if you don’t like it. I also think this would be a super cute tree at Halloween if you used black fabric :)

After it was done I displayed it in my dining room on top of my buffet. I put a round framed mirror with a white doily on top and set the tree on top to finish it off. And, I sprinkled some of my new favorite pinecones around the base :)

mummy 5

If you make one, let me know! I would love to see how other trees turn out. Enjoy!!