Making Merry: Tree Skirt

As part of decorating the church for Christmas, I needed a tree skirt. After looking around at several I couldn’t find anything I liked. Then, as I just happened to be wandering around at Target (as I do quite often) I came across an awesome fabric shower curtain for the bargain price of $10.99! It quickly found its way into my cart.

tree skirt

To make it, I sort of cheated and used an old tree skirt and just traced around it. First I folded the fabric in half so I only had to trace around half of it. Next, I cut it out following my newly traced circle. Then, I cut a seam right through the side of the circle and a small hole for it to go around the base of the tree. Then I hemmed all of my ragged edges and… done! I’m thinking next year I might add some red pom pom trim but I ran out of time this year. Especially since I also made a table runner with the left over fabric (you can see here in the picture I posted yesterday):

snowflake wall 2

Another really easy project, simply cut a rectangle and hem it. This was especially easy since 3 of the 4 sides already had a hem!

Have you made any tree skirts out of unusual items? I must admit, thinking outside the box is rather fun :)

More next week including gift wrap, a tree I made from scratch and another wreath. I can’t wait to show you as we continue our countdown to Christmas.