Making Merry: Snowflake Wall Art

As promised, today I am going to share about the snowflake wall art. Not only did I decorate at home this year, but I was also in charge of decorating at our church. I used similar colors as in my own house except I also added red. What a difference a bright red makes! The color scheme looks completely different with just that one added color.

snowflake wall

This is in the entryway with the table where we have the coffee and donuts displayed on Sunday mornings. I bought the felt snowflakes at the Dollar Tree store, two for a $1! Can’t beat that! Since I had some black and gray in my color scheme, I spray painted some of them black. Then I hung them all on the wall with sticky tack. I wouldn’t have minded having a few more but we bought all that they had :)

snowflake wall 2

You could also do this same look with paper snowflakes if you can’t find the felt ones. But it sure was easier not to cut out 28 snowflakes by hand :)

Next up: make a tree skirt out of a shower curtain