Making Merry: Leaf Garland

You all probably thought I forgot to post since it is so late! Well, this is my final post detailing the items I put on my tree. The last project is a leaf garland. I first fell in love with this concept when I saw them on Shim + Sons. She makes them and sells them in her shop. If you want one and don’t want to make one, buy one from Sally Shim, they are super cute!

leaf garland 1

I thought the concept was pretty simple, and so I decided to try it for myself. Using linen, I cut out (what felt like a million) leaf shapes. I didn’t have a template, I just did it freehand so there would be a variety of sizes. Then I just ran them all through my sewing machine.

leaf garland 2

I happened to only have enough linen to make two strands so I put one on the tree and the other I hung in a window. I would like to make a couple more in the future and hang a bunch in a window so they go all the way down to the ground. I think it would look really cool. Now I will have to go linen shopping!

leaf garland 3

Next up: snowflake wall art