Making Merry: Paper Star Ornaments

For the ornaments on my little tree, I knew I didn’t want very many and I knew I wanted them to be neutral in color. I have always loved stars at Christmas time and so I set out to make origami stars out of book pages.

star 2

There are a ton of different varieties of origami stars. I simply did a google search and looked at the images and chose the star I liked best. The tutorial I used is found here. It’s pretty simple and didn’t take much time at all. This is another project that I did while watching a movie :)

star 1

Once you have made your stars, punch a hole in the top and thread your string through it. Can’t get much easier than that!

These would also be super cute as a garland. I am all about garlands this year and would have made everything into a garland if I had had places to put them all :) But, as it is, I needed ornaments and they look just as cute as an ornament. Have fun!