Making Merry: Toilet Paper Roll Flower Ornaments

cbf done3
After seeing this (scroll down for the finished picture) I thought it would be fun to take the same concept and make ornaments. So I started collecting toilet paper rolls :) These ornaments are really easy to make. Here’s how:

cb flower 1
1. Fold your paper roll in half to make it flat

2. Cut your roll in equal portions. If you cut it in 5 portions it will make one flower. I cut mine in 4 portions so they would be a bit thicker.

3. Using a small stapler, staple the petals together. You can also use glue if you don’t want the staples to show but I went the quick and easy route because I didn’t want to wait for it to dry. Ya, I’m lazy like that :)

4. Continue adding petals until you have at least 5. You can add more if you want a fuller flower.

5. Take the last two and bring them together and staple creating the flower shape. Then punch a hole through and add your ribbon, twine, or string through the top.

cbf done1
6. Hang them and enjoy! As you can see, I actually hung mine in front of a window instead of on the tree because they were too big for my tree. I also think they would be cute to string together and make a garland or use them to adorn a gift. You could also paint them (or just the inside) if you want to go for a more polished look.

cbf done2

Have fun and have a great weekend! I will be back next week with more Christmas ideas!