Making Merry: Paper Wreath

I have seen a bunch of paper wreaths floating around this year and decided to tackle one myself. Because I love the look of old book pages, that was my paper of choice but really you could use any kind of paper. Just make sure you have a lot of it :)

First, I cut up an old book into strips of paper. I have a fat daddy paper cutter that can cut through a whole phone book all at once which made this step quick for me. If you don’t have one, get ready to spend some time cutting. I ended up using almost the whole book.

wreath paper strips

Next, I curled all of the strips just like you would curl ribbon, with my scissors. The only difference was I actually didn’t open my scissors and use the sharp part, I just used the outside metal part of the scissors so the paper would curl and not rip. Again, be ready to spend some time curling :)

wreath paper curls

Use a wire ring as your circular form, you can find these in multiple sizes at craft store for just a couple of dollars. Using a needle and thread, sew the paper curls onto the ring. I just threaded about 5 or 6 curls onto the needle and wrapped it around the ring. Then I loaded it up again with more curls until I made it all the way around the ring and it felt full enough for me. Once it’s full enough, pull and fluff the curls to make them fuller.

wreath in the making

Again, this may take some time. The good thing about this project is it doesn’t take much brain power. Just so I wouldn’t die of boredom and monotony, I was able to watch movies while tackling this project. I think it ended up taking the time span of two movies from start to finish and the wreath was done!

wreath up close

It’s now hanging on my door in the entryway. What do you think?