Making Merry: Stockings

Remember my stockings from last year?

Since this year my colors are neutral, the stocking I made last year just weren’t quite right. If you remember from last year’s post, I found these plain white stockings at the dollar store and just used some brightly colored material I had to dress them up a bit. Since I knew they wouldn’t work for me this year, I went to the dollar store again to see if I could find more of the same and… no luck. Bummer! But then I had an idea that just might work:
stocking 1
I used the same stockings and just made a new cuff out of a non-bleached cotton. Then I just slipped it over the old ones and ta-da, a new look! It covers up the previous cuff for now but I can still take it off if I decide next year to use the old ones.
stocking 2
New and improved and definitely works better for the look I am trying to achieve! I like that they are plain and simple but, I admit, they still look a bit boring. Stay tuned and tomorrow I will show you another easy diy project that I made and used with the stockings to spice them up a bit. Plus, this next project can be used for multiple things :)