Around The House

I’ve been wanting to post all week but I have a bit of a problem. I have a million projects in the works, but nothing done :) So I thought I would just give you a few sneak peeks from around my house at some of the little things I’ve changed or am working on. Then, when I finish, I will post real pictures of the completed project. Sound good?!

One room that I have been working on is our family room. Last week I showed you the chair that I painted. I sort of mentioned in this post that we were working on something in this room and I have now realized that it will be a long while before this particular project is done.

What happened is this… I have been wanting to take out the carpet in this room because I knew that underneath was concrete and I thought it would look really cool to have concrete floors. Sort of industrial. Especially in an all white room! But first we had to also rip up the linoleum that was under the carpet. What I didn’t realize is that when we peeled off the linoleum, there would be a paper residue that would not come off. Believe me, we tried everything we could think of. Bummer. So now we have ugly floors in our family room until we a) have the funds to do something else, and b) decide what that something else might be. Believe me, I will post a grand post when there is something more remarkable to take pictures of than just ugly paper covered concrete floors. :) But a bright spot in this mess, there was a wonderful wool rug at Target that I had had my eye on for months for this space. Then, a few months ago, it was marked down from $150 to $37! A steal! It’s a 5’ x 7’ and perfect for this space. Especially if we had concrete floors :)

wool rug

The next room I’ve been working on is my bedroom. I have been slowly transforming this room since my birthday back in June when my parents gave me a head start with my new table. A couple things I had wanted to change was the color of the walls and the light fixture. A few weeks ago I ended up painting one wall a super dark brown-almost-black color. It’s awesome! I also got a huge paper lantern from Ikea for $10. It’s sweet. Here’s a sneak, you can see the wall color behind the pendant although it basically looks black here…
There will definitely be more updates on this room as I continue to morph it into the vision I have created in my head. It’s getting there :)

My dining room. You may remember when I mentioned that my dining room is a work in progress. I just feel that is still requires some tweaking. One thing that I have been wanting to do for forever is paint the chairs. I finally gave myself the deadline of Christmas to get them done. So far I have 4 completed and 4 left. I think I will make it :) By the way, I’m completely in love with the color of them!
I also got a wonderful surprise from a dear friend today, an early Christmas present:
cow rug
A cow hide rug. I am in love! I can’t even begin to explain how much I love this rug! Once I finish painting all of the chairs I will post pictures of the whole room :)

And the last picture I have to share is just a small one but I thought, why not?! This is a lampshade from my living room that I added some bright pink trim to to give it a little somethin’ more:
So much better :)

And so, there you have it. Just a glimpse as to what has been going on in my world. Now you can see the reason for lack of posts, so far, I have no finished projects to post about! I also am in the middle of working on Christmas stuff which I will start posting in December. I’m super excited about all of the things to come. I love Christmas!

P.S. I saw New Moon today and I loved it. It was a thousand times better than Twilight (the movie). Have you seen it? What did you think?