New Color For An Old Chair

Okay, so you guys are going to think I’m crazy with this one. And maybe I have gone too far. I’ll admit it :) But from a purely decorative standpoint it’s awesome, just maybe not so functional. What did I do, you ask?

I spray painted my chair. Yes, this one:


black chair

What do you think? I think it looks so much better! Now I’ll explain the method to my madness. I found two reputable sources saying they spray painted fabric on a chair (Eddie Ross and Little Green Notebook). From the mouth of two or three witnesses right? And, since I love to spray paint things, I jumped at the chance. Plus, no one ever, ever, sits in this chair. I figured I had nothing to lose!

Like I said earlier, I love how it looks. But I will admit it is a bit crispy although it’s not too bad. The black doesn’t seem to rub off but I probably wouldn’t try to cozy up in it if I’m wearing white. Another plus, just by looking at it you can’t tell it was painted. And I am wanting to recover it in the future. I just wanted a fix right now. And I got it :)