Fun With Fabric: Fabric Flowers

I love fabric flowers. I have been seeing them all over the internet right now. I was even thinking of adding some small ones to my new purse but I can’t decide if that would be overkill or not. There are several places to get a tutorial online so I don’t need to create one for you :)

fabric flowers 2

I made my flowers using a tutorial from MS Weddings, it can be found here and I made the peonies. I used a few different white and off white fabrics to make them and I’m thinking of stringing them to make a garland. But I will need to make more to do that. It’s such an easy task but a bit time consuming. I tackled these while watching a movie.

fabric flowers 1
This is the issue they came from, a wonderful issue by the way. I don’t usually buy wedding magazines since I’m already married but this one was full of DIY ideas that can be used for anything! Unfortunately, it is no longer on the stands but you can get all of the projects on their website.

And just because I love you all, here are few more tutorials for other types of flowers: frayed flowers, flower broach (these are what I’m thinking of adding to my purse, what do you think?), rosettes, flower hair pieces, and dahlias. Enjoy!!!