Fun With Fabric: Curling Iron Bag

Another project that I finished a few months ago and never took the time to blog about is a curling iron bag. You may wonder what I’m talking about. I would have been wondering too if I hadn’t been introduced to one by Jason’s Mom.


Basically, it’s an insulated bag that you can store your curling iron (or flat iron) in even when it’s hot so that you can then put it directly in your suitcase when you are traveling. It’s genius I tell you. Jason’s Mom got one for me and since I loved it so much I decided to make a few more to house all of my electrical hair appliances. Then I showed it to my Mom and she wanted me to make some for her and for a few friends. They may sound unnecessary but seriously, I love mine. I not only use it for traveling purposes, but I also use it for every day. Now the cords in my bathroom closet don’t get tangled and I can just throw my curling iron in there when I’m finished with it instead of having to wait for it to cool. Brilliant.

curling iron bag all

They are pretty simple to make and I was planning on creating a tutorial for you but then I got started and… didn’t ever finish. Seriously, do you know how time consuming and tricky it is to make a tutorial?! So if you want to make one, you will just have to figure it out on your own :)