Fun With Fabric: I Made A Purse

Since last week I posted all about paper, this week I thought I would post about some of the sewing projects I have done in the last few months. On Saturday as I was sewing, I realized I have made a few other projects that I have yet to put on the blog and so I decided to make a week of it. So far though, I can only think of 4 projects that I have done, I may have to make something else to make up for the 5th day :)

I’ve decided to start with the most recent project since it’s my favorite. So this is how it all went down: While browsing online one evening, I went to Anthropologie as I do from time to time to check out all of the amazing things I can’t afford (why do I do this to myself?!) and I came across this purse:

anthro purse
Amazing right?! I thought so too :) But what stopped me in my tracks was not the price for once ($54) but the fabric. Last summer while garage saling, I purchased a box full of vintage fabric for $.50 and included was 1 1/2 yards of a fabric that looks almost exactly like the fabric that the purse is made of! I couldn’t believe my eyes. I had been saving this fabric because I loved it so much but now I knew what to do with it. I had to make that purse!

Well, I obviously didn’t have the pattern that they used so I went upstairs to where I store my purses and brought out my beloved gray purse. I bought this purse last year for some ridiculously low price and I knew that it wouldn’t last for very long because it was made of pleather but I loved the shape and style. After using it almost exclusively all year (hey, it goes with everything!) I decided it was finally worn out. It was a sad day for me. Here’s a picture:
purse before
(hahaha… the interior tag of this purse says “genuine faux leather!)

How do these two purses create a happy ending? The gray purse became my pattern. I grabbed my seam ripper and dismantled my beloved over-used purse. Once that was finished I created my new purse with my garage sale find vintage fabric. So delightful. I love it :)
purse 1
purse 2
purse 3

Now my only problem is, this new purse won’t go with everything so I may just have to make another one!