Adventures With Paper – Final Round 7

Are you sick of paper yet? Because I’m not! There is something about paper that captures my attention and the more I play with it, the more ideas I have (or the more ideas I want to steal from other things I’ve seen!).

If you haven’t guessed what today’s project is, I will fill you in. It’s also from this D*S post.

Covered jar tops. I always seem to have jars floating around. And with the many craft items that I have they make great storage containers. But I don’t want just any storage containers sitting around my craft room. They have to be cute! This tutorial was just the ticket.

I used a vintage map on mine. You can also see the gift bow that I set on top from Tuesday’s post :) Oh so fun!

So that concludes our adventures for this week. Have you made any of the projects I shared? Or have they sparked any ideas of your own? Do tell!

Also, found paper posted a blog about the projects I did as part of the paper challenge here. There were two of us who did the challenge, you can see the projects the other girl, April, did as well (here).