Inspiration From West Elm

I love West Elm. When my catalog comes in the mail I am giddy with excitement. Seriously. Just ask my husband :) Well, yesterday was the day. I opened my catalog and wonder of wonders, so many delightful things to behold. Because the only thing better than a WE catalog is a WE catalog with holiday inspired decor items!

This time browsing through the catalog I was so inspired by some of their holiday items. So inspired, that I decided I can make some of them with a little DIY action. Here are some items that I loved:

WE trees
natural weave trees. This would be such a simple DIY project. Just buy a Styrofoam tree and wrap twine around it then use some mod podge to make it stay. Simple! Kind of like this project I did earlier. And when West Elm charges $24 for the small tree and $99 for the large tree, I think it’s worth a shot to try it right? Although I’m not sure how to get a form for the large 6 foot tree. I will have to think about that :) Here is another picture of the trees in a room:
WE trees room

Next star garland:
WE stars
I’m just lovin’ these natural type elements. Still thinking about how I would accomplish this one but I will let you know when I figure it out! Although, this garland is only $14 so it might just be easier to buy it :)

This next one they don’t sell they just included it in a shot:
WE garland
See that wood veneer made into a paper chain strung over the chair? What a simple project. I think all of us learned how to make paper chains in kindergarten so we should all be able to make this garland! Plus you can make it in whatever color of wood veneer you want. It would be so swanky! A definite step up from paper.

Branch Wall Art $99
WE branch
Okay, I’m not necessarily thinking I’m going to figure out how to attach votive holders to a tree branch but you can bet that I’m going to be spray painting some branches silver this year!

Silver Wreath $59
WE wreath
Another one I’m thinking about. I’m wondering if some Styrofoam balls and silver spray paint might make their appearance with this project too. Hmmm…

What do you think of West Elm’s Christmas ideas for this year? I know it seems a bit early to be thinking Christmas but when the inspiration strikes, you just gotta go with it!! By the way, if I end up tackling any of these projects, I will share the steps and pictures with you :) And if you make any of them, please do the same!