Handwriting Font

I have been wanting to have my own handwriting font for a long time so when I stumbled across fontcapture, I was super excited. I can’t remember where I first saw this (so sorry to whatever blog you are!) but it’s an easy and free way to make your own font. I have tried it out a few times now and I have been learning as I go.

Here is the first font I made with my handwriting called Kellie’s Script:
kellie's script
I realized after this first time that I needed to use a thinner pen. I felt like the font was too thick and so it didn’t really make my handwriting exactly like I would have written it. First lesson learned. Second lesson, when I write, I link many letters together. You don’t really have that option when you use this program. It always leaves a space in between letters. Just something to work around :)

Next I asked Jason to participate and here is his writing titled appropriately, Jason’s Hand:
jason's hand
I love how his turned out! Especially because in real life you can’t really read his handwriting very well because he too links his letters. The problem is he writes so small that sometimes (a lot of times) he can’t even read his own writing! But when he wrote it out for me, I can actually read it :)

Then I created a mixed font and I called it Kellie’s Mixed Up:
kellie's mixed up
This one was fun. Now that I have had some experience, I might make another one of these. Although next time, I think I will take some time to plan each letter instead of just writing it out willy nilly.

If you would like to make your own font, all you have to do is go to font capture, and follow the four easy steps. 1) print a template. 2) Fill template out. 3) Scan Template. 4) Upload and Download. I’m telling you, it could not be easier. And it only takes about 10 minutes! Then you will have a file of your new font. Once I downloaded it, I renamed it (because it was just called myfont) so that I could find it again amongst all the other fonts I have :) Have fun!