I Have A Crazy Family

For those of you that know us, you know we are a bit crazy. So I thought I would take you into our world a bit and show you just how crazy we are.

Two nights ago, I scheduled a internet phone conversation to take place with my Mom and Dad. When I got online, I noticed that Josh was online also. We realized we were both trying to call our parents. So, rather than talking separately, we decided to try and talk all together. It was a perfect night for it because Brett was coming to visit Josh as well so that meant that the whole family would be “together”. Jason and I here in Tennessee, my parents in Brazil, and Josh, Jodi, their kids, and Brett in Oregon all talking to each other at the same time on this wonderful device we call a computer. Isn’t technology wonderful?! Not to mention the fact that it’s free. Even better!

We normally always use Skype to talk to my parents (if you aren’t familiar with it, it’s a free video chat) but we had never attempted a 3 way call. Once we got started we realized that when doing a three way call we couldn’t see the video. But it didn’t seem to matter, we still had fun talking. Imagine 7 adults and 4 kids trying to talk all at once (not to mention the fact that Janine was also at Josh and Jodi’s with her 3 boys for a sleep over)! No, we did not have any dull moments!

Then the pictures started coming. Josh and Brett figured out how to take pictures with their web cam and send them to us while we were talking (I never could figure out how to do it). Here is where the crazy part comes in. My brothers are funny :) Here are a few of the pictures they took:

j and b
j 1
b 3
b 1

Heeheehee! We have so much fun together. I’m so thankful for technology. It sure makes it easy to be separated by such a great distance. We will probably be spending our holidays in similar fashion. It gives me something to look forward to! :)

So, now you know that if you’re ever bored, make a Skype phone call!