My Grandparents Come To Tennessee

This past weekend I was so blessed to have my maternal grandparents come and visit me! They are from Idaho and have been on a road trip for the past week or so and came all the way to Tennessee to see where Jason and I live. I’m so glad they were able to be here and spend some time with us. Tomorrow, bright and early, they will be hitting the road for their next destination. Time goes so fast when you are spending it with people you love!

We have mostly been relaxing, playing games and catching up but we did take some time to sneak in a few pictures. I’m hoping to eventually have a family pictures wall and so I’m trying to get pictures of all of our families. You have already seen the pictures I took of my brother Brett, my parents, and Jason’s family (taken by Heather). Obviously, there are still some people missing but we are getting there. So naturally, I want to add our grandparents in as well! We literally only took 10 minutes to snap these pictures but I think I have a couple good ones to choose from for our wall!

grandparents 1
grandparents 2
grandparents 3
grandparents 4

Aren’t my grandparents so cute?! I love them so much.

Thank you Grandma and Grandpa for coming to visit, we will miss you when you leave!!!