Mood Board: Alana’s Bedroom

A couple of weeks ago, my good friend Heather and I thought it would be fun if we redid her daughter Alana’s room. Alana is now 21 months old and getting closer to 2 every day. So we got rid of the “baby” and made the room a bit more like a toddler’s room. Now, after some paint and fabric, the room is almost done. Once it is completed, I will steal some pictures from Heather to show you but until then I thought I would start with a before picture and the mood board:

nursery before
Unfortunately, I don’t have a picture of the other side of the room which shows the window, crib, and changing table. But this gives you an idea.

Now for the mood board:
nursery mood board
Heather and I both love Amy butler fabric and so we decided to incorporate that in. We chose mostly bright pink, orange, and tiffany blue as the colors. The wall color is the color of the background of the mood board. We also made the bird mobile (pattern and instructions found here), elephant pillow similar to the one in the picture (I’m really sorry, I can’t remember where I saw that elephant pillow originally!), a new valance for the window, and a comforter/quilt for the bed. Heather also ordered several of the bird prints (from here) in different colors and patterns. They are so cute!

So, the room is coming together! What do you think? Stay tuned in the next couple of weeks for the reveal :)