Cabinet With Books

As per your request, I am back today with a picture of the black cabinet I recently painted with the books (arranged by color) in it. Once I sorted them into the correct color family, I didn’t further group them by shade of color. I thought the color family was enough :) So, here you go:

with books

The only books that didn’t get the color sorted treatment are those in the top right corner. Those are our library books and I (obviously) wanted to keep them separate. So, as not to ruin my color pattern, I turned them on their side so you can see the pages :)

Also in today’s news at the Dykast house, we found this:
window 1
and this:
window 2

Yes, those are actually holes in our window panes. Turns out, yesterday as Jason was using the weed whacker, it kicked up a couple of rocks into our front window (which is at ground level) in our family room. So sad… We noticed it because we found glass in our carpet. It threw shards 12 feet away! So now my question is, does anyone know how to fix that? I may be having to do some google searching on window pane replacement!

P.S. Don’t look too closely at my window pictures. The windows are terribly dirty and I need to do some paint scraping clean up! Although now that I posted this, I know that you are for sure going to look closer :)