Fun With Bocce Ball

Last month while Brett was here, he taught us how to play Bocce Ball. We had so much fun playing it that we decided to teach my Dad and Mom while they were here. The rules (that we follow) are very simple: one person throws the white ball (anywhere they want) and then each person has a chance to throw their 2 balls as close as they can to the white ball. The two balls that are the closest each get a point.


We played on teams, boys against girls. The boys won the first game.

dad jason 1

Then the girls won the second game to tie it up…


But then, the boys won again to make them the grand champions!

dad 2 jason 3

If you have never played Bocce Ball, you should, it’s super fun. Just one warning… be careful of where you throw the balls :) They are very heavy and can easily destroy something. Case in point… our little birdhouse:

birdhouse 1
birdhouse 2

For our very first throw, I thought it would be fun to throw the white ball over the birdhouse (we had done this lots of times with Brett to create a challenge and it was fun). When Mom’s turn came up, her ball sailed into the birdhouse instead of over it. We all ran around to inspect the damage. Poor Mom felt so bad but we all thought it was funny. The moral of the story is, don’t throw it close to anything you care about, like windows or cars. That probably wouldn’t have been as funny :)