Warren and Sheri

I have been spoiled this past week because my parents have been in town visiting us. I love to have visitors! While we have been doing super fun projects and shopping and things like that, we also had time to sneak in a quick photo shoot of the two of them. We had a wonderful evening with beautiful light, who could ask for anything better?! My Dad and Mom were great sports throughout the whole thing even though we got eaten up by mosquitos.

So, without further ado, here are my amazing parents:

Let’s start off with a kissing picture, shall we?!
Jason and I have a picture like this (jumping) and so they thought they would try it too. Aren’t they so cute?

My parents do a lot of laughing together, I’m glad I could capture a bit of it.

steps 2
kiss 2
I’m so blessed that I have parents that love each other so much!
Oh the sun was so beautiful!

tree 2
red door
I love this picture…

As we were leaving, we saw this little face peeking out from the mini blinds:
kitty 2
And, since my mom and I like kitties, we had to say hello…
kitty 1

I love you Mom and Dad! Thanks for letting me take your pictures! Hopefully there will be more posts to follow of all the fun things we have been doing :)