You & Me Album

The other day, I dug through all my scrap stuff and found a few favorites and made a mini book. I haven’t started and finished a mini book in a long time. It was fun! And now I’m ready to make more :) I have been really bad lately and just haven’t made time for it and I forgot how much I’ve missed it. Hopefully, there will be more scrapbooking in my near future :)

I quickly took some pictures of the book yesterday on my breakfast nook table and here they are:
you and me 1
you and me 2
you and me 3
you and me 4
you and me 5
you and me 6
you and me 7
you and me 8

Of course, scrapbooking is much more fun when you have great pictures to use. For this book I was spoiled with pictures that Rich and Heather took of us one day when we were at their house. For now it is just a short and fun book but I may add more pages to it later. Most of the titles are from movies and posters that I have seen.

I am once again addicted to scrapbooking :)