Dykast Family Visit

A week ago, we had the privilege of having Jason’s family coming to visit us for an extended weekend. We have been spoiled this year because this is the second time his parents have visited but we had an additional treat because it was the first time Jason’s brother Jon has visited our house. We had a great time and even had family pictures taken by the fabulous Rich and Heather Smith. Check out the pictures here.

Sometimes when we have company I take a bunch of pictures and document the whole thing. But this time, I was lazy and only took a handful of pictures. I am so lame :) But here are a couple of pics that I took when we went to the Chickamauga Battlefield on Monday.

Jason resting against a cannon. This park has the most Civil War cannons, they are everywhere!
jason cannon

We climbed to the top of the tower to see the sights.
top o the tower

A self portrait from the top
self portrait

It was a gorgeous day, not a cloud in sight. With temperatures in the low 70’s it was the perfect day for sightseeing!

Beautiful open fields…
snodgrass hill

And I will leave you with a silly picture of my husband. He must be really proud of his muscles because at 3 or 4 different times he struck a pose such as this when I was trying to capture the moment.
jason flex

Thank you for coming to visit us, we had a great time :)