Don’t Cost A Dime: Craft Room Chairs

Another installment of “Don’t Cost A Dime”! Just as a reminder, these don’t cost a dime projects literally didn’t cost me a cent to do. I already had all the supplies on hand. So if you decide to copy them, you may have to spend a bit if you don’t already have the supplies :)

On Tuesday I decided to redo the chairs in my craft room. When I covered these chairs the first time, they were in a different room in our house and so the black and white fabric matched. But for the past couple of years, they have been stationed in my craft room and the current fabric just didn’t quite cut it. So, I got out my tools and headed toward the chair.

To redo a chair seat is a very simple ordeal. I meant to take pictures of the process but I only remembered to take one picture! I will just mention the steps, since it’s so easy, I don’t think you will have trouble following along.

Staple Gun
Hammer (or other device to remove staples)

1. Take off the seat. My chair seat was just sitting on the chair wedged between the legs, it’s not actually attached so it was very easy to lift off. If you choose to redo your chairs, you may have to unscrew your seat (repeat that last phrase out loud, it sounds funny! Haha).

2. Remove old fabric
chair seat
I used a hammer and just removed the old staples

3. Use the old fabric as a template and cut the new fabric. I didn’t have enough of the fabric I wanted to use so I chose 3 fabrics and sewed them together to create a larger piece.

4. Stretch the new fabric around the seat and staple on the bottom side.

5. Place seat back on the chair.

Easy huh?! Here are my after pictures:
chair 1 chair 2

Now I have some bright cheery chairs in my craft room. They make me happy :)