Mood Board: Posh Hotel Master Bedroom

A couple of weeks ago, a friend of mine asked me to create a mood board for her master bedroom. Since mood boards are the best way to shop without spending a dime, I jumped at the chance! Here are Kristen’s before pictures:
master 1
master 2
master 3

Kristen wanted a finished hotel sort of look, soothing and yet warm. She wanted to eliminate the red and go with a soft blue, brown, and grays or taupe. She also wanted a bookshelf somewhere, a cool chair and real bedside tables. So here is what I came up with:

Paint Colors:
All from Sherwin Williams: 1. 6006 Black Bean 2. 6247 Krypton 3. 7012 Creamy 4. 6225 Sleepy Blue

The whole room will be painted blue and there are two choices for her to choose from for the blue color. I recommended that the ceiling be painted blue as well.

Now for the Mood Board:
kristen's mood board
1. Curtains $10 for a set of two 2. Mirror $7.99 each, purchase 3 of them 3. Brown Bedding $79 for quilt, $16 each for shams, purchase 2 of them 4. Sunburst Mirror $62.99 5. Duvet Set $31.97 includes duvet cover and two shams 6. Chair $143.99 7. Ruffle Pillow
$29.95 8. Bookcase $149.86 9. Lamp
$19.99 purchase 2 of them 10. Nightstand
$59.99 purchase 2 of them.
Total Cost: $723.69

And, as I mentioned in the previous post, I also included some DIY ideas to spice things up without going over our budget:
First of all, I would love to see the armoire painted in the creamy color. Secondly, I suggested creating a slipcover to go over the existing bed frame to create an upholstered headboard (and footboard) look.

The next DIY is the curtains! I found some curtains that I loved from Pottery Barn but they were out of our price range so I thought it would be cool to mimic them with the awesome inexpensive curtains I found at Ikea. Here is the PB version:
ribbon edge drapes
So, all you have to do is sew a strip of dark brown grosgrain ribbon down the side edges of both the curtains from Ikea. Easy peasy, right?!

DIY for the mirrors (shown in the mood board):
I found these Ikea mirrors for $7.99 each and I had envisioned that they would be placed really close together above the bookcase to kind of give us a dresser feel but different from just a traditional mirror. I wanted the mirrors to be long and skinny and the most inexpensive I could find was at Ikea. Here is a picture from Martha Stewart that I found that gave me the idea:
mirror insp
To give the same elegant feel, I suggested painting the frame of the mirrors with this spray paint that I love. It gives it a great metallic feel!

DIY for the side tables:
I know these are new side tables but I think this little DIY will add to the elegant feel we are going for. I really wanted a mirrored side table but it wasn’t in our budget and so when I found the side tables that are in the mood board I remembered a picture that I had saved:
side table inspiration
I love how these nightstands have the glass behind the “X”. So, I suggested that Kristen have a piece of glass cut for the size of the tables and insert them behind the “X”. Won’t that be sweet?

And lastly, DIY for the bookshelf:
Here are some ways to dress up a simple bookcase (from the mood board). First of all, I would love to add these knobs
from Anthropologie. They are only $2.95 each (on sale!) and I think they would add a lot. Next another glass project that will add more glamor is removing the glass that is currently in there and replacing it with mirrors.

So there you have it! A master bedroom doubling as a glamorous, posh hotel room! Thanks Kristen for letting me (and the rest of the blog audience) take a peek into your room :)