Don’t Cost A Dime: Twine Napkin Rings

Sorry for the break in posting. I had my little brother here for a visit and so I took a break to spend some time with him. Check out pictures from his visit here

Today’s project is very simple using twine and Mod Podge to create napkin rings. Here is the finished product and below are the instructions:

twine napkin 1

Supplies needed:
Mod Podge (or fabric stiffener, or Elmer’s Glue)
Long skinny balloon or something else of that shape
Masking Tape

First I inflated the balloon and taped the end of the twine to the balloon. Wrap the twine around the balloon keeping it close together until you have the desired length. I wanted the napkin rings to be 2 inches each and I wanted 8 rings so I made mine 16 inches in length.

twine napkin 3

Then smother the Mod Podge on the twine. Once it dries (it will dry clear), pop the balloon and cut into 2 inch sections. Done! Use for your next dinner party! It will add a natural touch to your table decor.

twine napkin 2

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