Brett’s Visit

I love having guests. Since we live so far from our families, it is so wonderful when they come to visit us. These times are looked forward to and savored once they arrive. This past week we were honored to have my little brother Brett come visit us. We have so much fun together and we end up doing things together that make me feel young again :) Here are a few images from our time together:

cool b tree
He is so cool

britty blue eyes
And a bit silly!

b cool
b tree
This was a regular occurrence at our house this week! And no, I didn’t ask him to text just so I could take a picture. I think he received 3 or 4 texts in the 15 minutes we were taking pictures :)

Have I told you that my brother is an amazing worship leader? Which was a blessing for me because he led worship for our church for both Sundays he was here. Thanks B!

jumping over j
Just before we headed for the airport we took a few crazy pictures

all jump
Self timer can be so fun!

self portrait
And one last self portrait right before we loaded into the car. Thanks for coming Brett. We had so much fun with you and we love you!!