$300 Living Room

Yesterday as I was flipping through my Ikea catalog I found a page where they put together a whole living room for $300. I was impressed. $300? For a whole room? Wow! So I challenged myself to put together a living room for $300 or less and here is what I came up with…

300 dollar living room
1. Klobo loveseat $149
2. stool $30
3. 5×7 rug $39.99
4. side table $15.99
5. curtains $14.99
6. floor lamp $47
And of course you would need a curtain rod, so I threw that in too:
7. curtain rod set $1.49 (not pictured)
Grand Total: $298.46!!!

It would be a pretty basic room (which, by the way, so was Ikea’s) but hey, what can you expect for $300?! Now if I had another $100 or so I could certainly add some color and fun accents. Like pillows and decorative objects. What do you think? Could you create a living room for $300?