Don’t Cost A Dime: Tree Poster

The last couple of weeks I have been trying to do projects around my house that don’t cost anything. That’s right, not a dime. Sometimes it’s challenging but most of the time it’s fun to try and think outside of the box. Like last week’s drawing on the walls. Something I probably wouldn’t have thought of if I hadn’t been trying to do things at no cost.

The only rule I have for these projects is I have to be able to do the entire project with materials I already own. So I suppose that if you wanted to duplicate any of these projects, they may not exactly be free for you because you may not already have the supplies at home.

Okay, so counting last week’s hallway, this will be the second project posted with this “use what you have” projects. I will try to keep documenting these for you as I go and the title will be Don’t Cost A Dime. Today’s project is a little bit of artwork.

I ran across this awesome free download which is actually a save the date announcement and thought it was so cute so I turned it into wall art. It’s based on a drawing from The Giving Tree (a book I loved as a kid, I had it memorized).

tree save the date
Super cute right?! Go to their website to download your own!

First, I downloaded the pdf and opened it in Photoshop. Then I got rid of all the save-the-date info and just kept the tree and leaves. I inserted our initials on it and blew it up to fit my frame (which I already had! It was collecting dust in the basement). I needed it to be 35” x 12” so I had to do a bit of tweaking to make it fit. Then I printed it in two sections on 13” x 20” paper and pieced it together then framed it. My printer is capable of printing on a roll of paper which would have been nice but I could only use what I had and since I didn’t have any… I used the 13 “ x 20”. It still worked well :)

tree poster
tree poster
(sorry for the bad pictures! I was having trouble getting a picture without glare. I didn’t succeed!).

My cute little tree poster now resides in our bathroom. I love the simplicity of it. Plus I have been needing some sort of artwork in there and it adds so much.

Now go make your own and stay tuned for more projects that don’t cost a dime!