House Painting

We have been having such nice weather lately (except for the rain yesterday) that I decided to tackle a project I have been wanting to do for a long time… paint the exterior of the house!

Here in Tennessee, there is just a short window of time that I can actually get this done. The spring is a good time because it’s warm enough to be outside but not too humid yet. See for me, being from the northwest, I can’t handle the heat of the summer so I have to have all of my outdoor projects done either in the spring or fall. Which led me to my current painting project.

The time has come to cover up all that brick and siding with this color:
pink paint

What do you think? I know it’s a bold choice but I wanted something that would stand out from all the other boring nondescript houses around here. Usually, everyone here paints their brick white with black shutters and I wanted another option. We also have 3 large trees blocking the front of the house so I wanted a color that would make the house stand out. I think this one should do the trick. To balance it, I will paint the shutters and door black and the trim white. I think it will be a fun contrast to the boring white house we have right now!

There is just one more thing I want to show you…

april fools

Hehehe… Did I fool anyone?! Just for the record, we are also not painting our house right now although I would really love to. And when it does come time to paint, believe me, it won’t be pink!

If you haven’t read last year’s April 1st post, read it here. Have a great April 1st!