First Official Photoshoot

As promised, here are the photos from our first photoshoot. I hope you enjoy them! As I said in the previous post, we had so much fun! I am officially addicted to photography!

Please meet Kyle and Heidi and their two children Avery and Maddy. Heidi is a friend of Heather’s from college so it took a bit of the pressure off for our first shoot. Thank you Kyle and Heidi for letting us capture your family!!!

First we started inside…
avery hat

Then we moved outside…
kyle and maddy
avery toss
maddy swing

The famous sunglasses…

And, to end the shoot, here’s a self portrait that Heather took:
self portrait

Check out Heather’s photos on her blog and stay tuned for more photoshoots along way, hopefully there will be more of them to come!