Dreaming of Sofas

Lately I have been enjoying this young house, a blog which I stumbled across (check it out, it’s awesome!) and reading it has spurred me into dreaming about more house related projects. This young house often creates mood boards to show accessories and furniture for a room that needs an overhaul. I thought it was a fun way to envision a completed room without actually spending all the money to do it! A great way for me to “shop” without spending any money :)

The first room I decided to create a mood board of is our “rumpus” room. Since we have recently finished painting it, I have been dreaming about how I would ultimately like the room to look. Now remember, this is just dreaming. It’s not like I am going to go out and buy all of these things. This is just what I imagine it to be like :)

First of all, we have carpeting in there right now but underneath the carpeting is concrete and I would love to take up the carpet and have that exposed (possibly stain it, possibly paint it, possibly leave it unfinished… who knows!) but my husband is a bit resistant to that idea. I will have to keep working on him! So just keep in mind that I am imagining all of these things in the room with concrete floors.

Here is my own board to show what things I would love to have (and a couple of things I already have) for our room:

rumpus room mood board
Resources: 1. jute rug 2. convex drum table 3. jasper sofa 4. jute roman shade 5. big dipper arc lamp (I just bought something similar but couldn’t find a picture on the web) 6. my current chair 7. floor cushion 8. paint colors from Sherwin Williams (creamy and black magic)

The chair we currently have in there I would like to recover in a nice brown gray linen. At least that’s what I want today, other days I want something completely different which is why I haven’t done anything yet! And the sofa would replace the brown couch we currently have in there. I still need to think about artwork and I have some ideas but they are not definite. I also would like to have some pattern with throw pillows and possibly a blanket. Or maybe the floor pillows should be patterned as well (instead of the gray). What do you think? Am I on the right track? I might have to do another mood board of just accessories!