The Launch

The time has finally come for the big reveal! What started as a simple break for me turned into a redesign of every jot & tittle. At the beginning of February, I was going to release some new products that I had been working on but then I decided to finish my new logo first which I had also been working on for a long time and then release everything all at once. From there, it just started to grow! Next, I asked my husband to help by updating our blog as well (while we’re at it!) and I’ve also taken new pictures of everything in the shop. Whew! At last we’re done! I believe it calls for a party…

First of all, a huge thank you to my amazing husband for the redesign on the blog! I love it, it’s so cheery. What do you think? If you like it, let him know :) He spent a lot of time on it for me. He’s the best!

Next, every jot & tittle has a new logo! This has been something I’ve wanted to do for a long time. But when I’m designing for myself I can never come up with something I want! It seems so much harder to create something that seems so permanent. But I have finally finished and I’m really happy with it! So go to the store and check out the new banner and avatar.

And now, without further ado, here is the new product I’ve been working on and is now in the shop:

label tags
label tag
Fun little tags, I can picture them adorning a cute gift

tiny numbers in color and black & white
tiny color black tiny
As previously shown in our sneak peek last week, these tiny numbers are so cute!

vintage mini book kit
vintage mini 1 vintage mini 2
As usual, the mini book is my favorite item. Probably because so much time is put into it. This particular mini has more extras than any other including some vintage finds!

chevron tags
What’s not to love about zigzags and stripes?!

itty bitty cards – bold stripes
bold stripe cards
More stripes and zigzags in card form. Gotta love them!

stickies – note
stickies note
For the first time ever, ej&t is offering stickers! I’m not able to take custom requests yet but here are the first offerings.

Now let the party begin! For this whole week we will be celebrating the new blog, products and logo with lots of fun stuff! First of all, there will be 5 giveaways! Everyday this week, Monday through Friday, there will be a chance to win a prize. For today, just leave a comment and I will have the computer randomly select a winner tomorrow morning. The prize is for a set of the new tiny numbers in color!

The next way that we are celebrating is each day the featured product (today’s product is the tiny numbers) will be on sale (25% off!). So if you have your eye on them, today is the day to get them because tomorrow they will be regular price and the next featured item will be on sale.

And lastly, with every order purchased this week, an extra gift will be sent. Make sure to put in “message to seller” when you check out that you want your free gift! Also, if you are a wholesaler, I am offering special discounts if you place an order this week.

Thank you to all for patiently waiting on me. Now I will see you tomorrow with more fun stuff!