Just some pictures of Jason and I that I wanted to share. We spent a Sunday afternoon with Rich and Heather a couple of weeks ago and Heather took these pics of us. I love them!
hold hands

Because it was really cold outside that day, we only lasted about 15 minutes before we went back inside but it was enough time to get some good pictures. Rich gave us some more good pointers about photography that I am looking forward to trying out myself!

bumper buddies
Ya, I know, we’re a bit crazy. But we like it that way :)
k fall
We were trying to both lean back while holding hands but instead I just slipped on the grass! He’s a bit heavier than me…
j helps
piggy back
Another one of us showing how goofy we can be.
My favorite, I may have to put this on a wall somewhere.
more promenade
For most of these pictures we were not being directed but I do admit we weren’t really telling secrets. We were told to tell secrets. And while I can’t remember what I was actually saying, it may have ended up that I wouldn’t have repeated it out loud to anyone else anyway :)
I sure love this boy!

That’s it! Thanks Heather for the pictures! You rock :)