A Different Kind Of Shooting

Normally, when I talk about “shooting” I’m talking about taking pictures. Since I have been learning about photography it has become a regular term used in this house. But a few weeks ago I had an opportunity to try a different kind of shooting. (By the way, thanks Rich for the following pictures of Heather and I!)

k shoot

When Tuesday rolls around you can usually find me with Heather. That was the case on this day in January when Rich called and asked Heather if she wanted to join him in shooting guns. Since I was with her, I got to tag along too!

silver bullet

Surprisingly, I have always thought it would be fun to shoot a handgun of some sort. Maybe this is because I used to follow my brother around shooting his BB guns when we were kids or maybe it’s because I’ve watched too much Alias :) Whatever the reason, I was excited!

For the most part, I was an observer but I did get to try and shoot for a little bit. What was interesting is that when I actually had the gun in my hand I was a bit scared. I wasn’t expecting that! I thought it would be like on TV and I would just point and shoot but having that heavy metal in my own hands made me realize how powerful it really was. It caused me to respect the gun and handle it very carefully. And, after I shot my round, I was more than ready to pass it along to someone else… quickly! It was actually more like, “Can you please take this from me… now?!”

both apprehensive
I love it that you can see our emotions, a bit nervous and apprehensive!
k apprehensive
k and h shoot
k and h enjoy
h shoot
Heather looks so cool!
rich walk
And so does Rich!

My target. I shared with someone else but my bullet holes are the small ones. I shot 7 bullets and they all made it on the target, 3 of them on the bulls eye! Yay :)

All in all, it was a good experience and I’m glad I had the chance. Although I wouldn’t call myself addicted to the sport, I would like to try again sometime :)