I Love Valentine Cookies

There is something about making Valentine crafts and treats that is so girly. And I love it! It’s the one day of the year that it is okay for everything to be pink. Isn’t pink wonderful?!

cookies 3

Today, Heather and Alana came over for our girl time and we made the prettiest Valentine cookies. We had plans to frost them in different colors and add sprinkles but when it came down to it, we decided to stick with all pink and keep them plain. I’m glad we did. They turned out so sweet, in looks and in taste!

Before the frosting was applied. The colors looked so pretty sitting together I had to snap a picture!

frosting cookies

cookies 1
Heather had some awesome heart shaped cookie cutters that came in 6 sizes that all nested inside each other.

cookies 4
The baby bite size cookies were my favorite

cookies 2
Just how many pictures of cookies can we take? You would be surprised!

heather taking pics 2
We also take pictures of us taking pictures of cookies!

heather taking cookie pics

alana cookie
But the cutest part of the day was this little thing in her apron. This morning before they came over, I decided Alana needed an apron (mostly for the pictures) so I made it before they arrived. Then I took Alana upstairs and put it on her and sent her down to see Heather. Heather’s reaction to Alana in the apron was so cute I wish I had a picture or two!

alana apron

And an image of the two bakers:

heather and kellie

Another wonderful day :) Now go make some Valentine’s cookies, it’s so fun!!