Rumpus Room Makeover

As promised in the previous post, here are the pictures from the Rumpus room makeover. I listed the pictures in order as if I were panning to the right going around the room. This room is very long and skinny with 4 doors (outside door, laundry room door, garage door, basement door) a fireplace and stairs so it’s kind of an oddly arranged room :) Because there are so many doors, I only took pictures of one of them. Enjoy!!

stairs 2
The stairs from another angle.

Fireplace… which is on the same wall as the stairs

The window next to the fireplace on the outside wall. Since I painted the tops of the stairs black, I decided to paint the window panes black too. I love the contrast!

This is looking at the outside wall and the door leads to our back patio.

Between the previous image and this one, we have skipped two more doors. The wall behind the chair on the left shares a wall with the garage and the wall behind the chair on the right shares a wall with a window that looks out the front of the house.

This built in cabinet runs along the whole wall of the front of the house. It’s sort of a window seat since it runs under the window. I would love to get some pillows on it to create more of a seat.

So there you have it, pictures just as I promised! And for once, I posted them in a timely manner! What do you think? Was all that painting worth it?! I think so :)