Almost There

Well, we are almost there! This week (God willing!) was our last week meeting at the Beech’s home for church. Next Sunday we will be at the new building!

Now that the contractors are done, Jason has spent a bunch of time cleaning and preparing for us to meet there. We were hoping that today would be the first day but realized that we would need to wait one more week because there are always last minute things to get (like toilet paper, hand soap, and garbage cans!) that we hadn’t thought of earlier.

I went on Thursday and helped out a bit along with Clark and Jason. Here are a few pictures (of course I had my camera with me!):
washing walls
Jason washed all the walls down because of the dust of the sheetrock. We haven’t painted yet, we will be doing that during the weeks to come.

Cleaning the bathrooms

Jason and Clark tag teamed the floor. First they scrubbed it then vacuumed up the water with the shop vac.

This next picture was an experiment on my part that I would like to try again later. Jason was walking by to get more water in his bucket and I turned down my shutter speed to get him as a blur. I wish there was a little bit less of a blur but still cool none the less. I will just have to keep practicing!

So be praying for us this week as we continue to prepare and especially on Sunday as we start a new chapter for Calvary Cleveland!