I Love Tuesdays

One of the highlights of my week is Tuesdays. That is the day that I hang out with my dear friend Heather and her adorable daughter Alana. It is pure girl time and we love it!

Our activities range from shopping to scrapbooking to sewing and to (our new passion) photography. Lately we have been focusing on photography with the hopes of becoming excellent. As I’ve said previously, we still have much to learn but are having fun in the process.

Yesterday was our best day ever! There was much laughter and excitement involved. As with most girls, when we are excited, our voices get higher and we talk faster. I’m sure that if there had been anyone around listening to us, we would have gotten laughed at. And that’s okay because we were laughing at ourselves!

Here are some pictures from the day…
As if Rich hasn’t done enough for us in giving us lessons, he also lets us use his equipment. In this shot I was testing out the fisheye lens, super fun!
The cutest raincoat ever! We were hoping for a bit of rain…
Then we moved inside for a bit
upclose bw alana
blue eyes
reach story time
A bit of story time
My beautiful friend
My favorite picture
holding hands
Since it was so warm, we headed outside again
boots teeth

All in all, a wonderful day!