And Finally… Christmas!

Almost exactly a month later I am finally posting pictures from Christmas! But the good thing about this is, I am getting caught up and pretty soon I will be blogging about things soon after they happened!

We spent Christmas day with my family which included my Mom and Dad, Jason and I, Josh and Jodi and their 4 boys Jake (5), Max (3), Noah (11 months) and Oliver (9 months), and Brett. It is so much fun to have Christmas when there are little kids around. Their joy is infectious! At one point Jake said, “I’m just jumping because I’m excited it’s Christmas!” So cute…

We started the day with a healthy breakfast of cinnamon rolls and homemade hot cocoa. It is a tradition for us. What would Christmas be without cinnamon rolls?! Next my Dad read to us the Christmas story (I think Jodi took this picture, thanks Jodi!).
christmas story
Then we moved on to the important part (in the mind of a 5 and 3 year old), presents. Oh what fun! One of the highlights for the two older boys were beanbags that Jodi made for them. I have no idea how she finds time to sew along with having 4 young boys AND homeschooling! Wow…
jake beanbag
Here Jake is already comfy just minutes after receiving his gift. And speaking of sewing, my brother Josh made all of the boys’ pajamas. I have a very talented family :)

Tradition in our family is that Brett passes out the presents along with help from Jake and Max. I think this has come about because the rest of us are too lazy in our comfortable chairs! Here Brett is relaxing after a job well done
brett relax

Like I said earlier, Christmas is so much more fun with kids. Max was especially excited and wanted to know what was in every single gift even if it wasn’t for him. Almost every picture we took of someone opening a present has Max along side “helping”.
grandpa max
brett jason max

The two babies also joined in the fun and got to open up a few presents as well. They are quickly learning the concept of sharing!
babies toy

jake max present
I love this picture, brothers helping each other.

My beautiful Mom

jodi purse
and wonderful sister-in-law. It seems sewing was a trend this year. My Mom made that purse for Jodi and one for me as well. It is amazing!

Another tradition in the Yoder household on Christmas day, puzzles! I think we put together a total of 4 puzzles while I was in Oregon!

All in all it was a wonderful day. And the best part is the fun didn’t stop there! We actually spent the next 3 days together as well and soaked in each others company as much as we could. I love my family!