A Very Late Christmas Eve Post

I know, I know… I’m a bit behind. But today is better than never right?! So here is our post about Christmas Eve and how we celebrated.

Before I tell about our Christmas Eve I have to go back a few days so I can tell the whole story. Jason and I were both leaving on Monday December 22nd from Nashville to Portland. Due to circumstances with tickets, we were flying on different flights, a first for us. But, no big deal, we were going to arrive in Portland within a couple of hours of each other. Or so we thought!

We had been watching the weather because of what happened 2 years ago and all of our flights looked good. Jason was flying through Chicago (the flight we were worried about) and I was flying through Atlanta and then we would meet in Portland. Sounds good, right? The problem happened once I got to Atlanta. I made my way to my next gate and my flight was canceled due to snow in Portland. We knew it had been snowing there but I had no idea they would cancel my flight.

But, I had been through this before. I knew what to do. Get in line and have them rebook my ticket. So that is exactly what I did and the next flight I could get on was for Christmas Eve. Bummer. I naturally assumed that Jason would be stuck in Chicago because I figured if my plane couldn’t get to Portland that his couldn’t either but once again I was wrong. His plane took off and he made it safe and sound. I was so glad that he wasn’t stuck in Chicago. It was much better for me to get stuck because we only live 2 1/2 hours away from Atlanta. So now, Jason was in Portland, I was in Chicago, my luggage was in Portland (amazingly enough, how come it could get there and I couldn’t?!), and our car was in Nashville. Crazy times!

So, thanks to our amazing friends Clark and Maureen, they came and picked me up and took me back down to the airport 2 days later and then I was on my way. Needless to say, it made my Christmas Eve very joyful (I finally made it!) but also short. And I was very tired after having gotten up at 2:30 AM to make it to the airport on time and 15 hours of traveling (including car travel). So please keep that in mind when you see a picture of me from this day :) Luckily, I take the pictures so I’m not in very many!

We spent the day with Jason’s family. This particular picture was taken on timer with the point and shoot.

We spent a bit of time together opening presents

And then the rest of the family came over, Jason’s Grandma, his uncle David, and his uncle Paul and aunt Mitzi and their two kids Sophie and Olivia. We had a very nice dinner and wonderful dessert and then… more presents :)

dick ollie
Jason’s Dad and cousin Olivia

jean ollie
Jason’s Mom and Olivia

Jason and Grandma take care of the dishes

Paul gives himself a generous portion of dessert

There is a family tradition of Jon and David playing backgammon together. I’m not sure who won but I’d bet that they could tell you!

Ollie and Sophie snuggling with their dad. Ollie got the camera for Christmas and it was obviously a big hit!

Another group picture with the point and shoot.

All in all it was a great day. And I was so thankful that I made it in time to celebrate Christmas with the family. I love being a part of the Dykast family and I’m so thankful for my in-laws. God has truly blessed us!

Next up… Christmas!