Hard To Pick Just One…

Another photo shoot. This time it was with my brother Josh and his wife, Jodi along with their four kids. One thing I learned is that shooting a family of three verses shooting a family of six is a whole different animal! I never did get the shot I was hoping for of all of them together in the same frame but I got some that I’m happy with anyway. More learning and hopefully with time I will get better!

Here are some shots of the day:
josh and jodi
meet the parents Josh and Jodi

some quiet time reading with Jake and Max

oliver and noah
playing with dad, Noah and Oliver

room shot
almost got all of them in this shot, we just needed Jake!

oliver and jodi
Oliver loves his mama

Josh takes some time to feed a hungry baby

noah and jodi
fun with mom

and wrestling dad

Hope you like your pictures Josh and Jodi! Now I will try to make time to get to the Christmas shots!