January is usually a slow month here in the every jot & tittle world but that’s not always a bad thing. Being slow allows me some time to get things done that have been on my list for a long time. Some of these things are back office stuff (not so fun) and some are things you may notice (the fun stuff). So along with finishing things up for 2008 for taxes and cleaning my office and reorganizing, I have also been doing a few new projects here and there.

One thing I’ve had on my list for the last 3 months is to make more upcycled mini books. I FINALLY have more in the shop! Here are some of the newest:
small all
large all
I made a bunch and now I just have to finish making some more of the tiny version as well.

In efforts to constantly make my workspace prettier, I have taken the ugly boxes that my envelopes come in and recovered them with fabulous paper:
It was a fun project and now every time I empty an envelope box I will recover it with some of the fun paper I have lying around.

This past week I have begun to work on a new spring mini book kit. There is still a bunch left to design but I am working on it!
spring sneak 2
spring sneak 1
I can’t wait to use it myself! So be looking for that to hit the shop later, maybe next month.

I also have a few small sewing projects that I would like to get started on. I really need a new pin cushion (maybe 2) and some door snakes (the thing you put in front of a door or window so the draft doesn’t come in). Yesterday I made a camera strap cover and it turned out so cute but I don’t have any pictures of it because it’s already on my camera. It’s kinda hard to take pictures of your camera! So, hopefully some more sewing is in my future for the last couple days of this week!