Last year, my good friend Heather and I started taking photography lessons from her husband, Rich. We have been enjoying it so much and it’s fun to see how much we have progressed. The more I learn the more I realize how much I still don’t know!

One of the main things to do when you are learning is, of course, practice. Although Heather and I practice whenever we are together and at other times during the week, I wanted more practice with families and daily life. So, when I was in Oregon, I decided to practice on the people I love. Lucky them :) I’m sure they were all ready to have the camera out of their face by the time I left!

My first test subjects were our dear friends Rory and Lindsey and their little guy, Russell. We had the pleasure of hanging out with them all day on New Year’s eve and probably the first words out of my mouth were asking if I could take their picture. And because they are such wonderful friends and probably didn’t want to hurt my feelings, they agreed.

I’m so grateful they agreed and were such good sports because I learned A LOT! Looking at these images now, I can see what I could have done differently and also, things that I like. So here are some of the images from that day…

lindsey russell
capturing a moment

If you don’t know these guys, they are a very musical family. They play the piano…
and the guitar…
and even the harmonica!

And this is one of my favorites… Russell throwing a fit!

read to me
We wanted to get some interaction between Lindsey and Russell but he just wanted me to read to him!

Getting ready for bed
But he needs a bit of help from dad.

Now that Russell’s in his pajamas, they read together…
and pray together…
jesus loves me
and sing together (I think this is Jesus loves me)
he is strong
…they are weak but he is STRONG! (by the way, that Russell’s motion for strong!)

So there you have it! My first session :) Thank you Rory and Lindsey for letting me practice!

I also have quite a few pictures from Christmas and the rest of our vacation that I will try to post in the near future… we’ll see if it actually happens :)