Guess what I found in my mailbox this afternoon?
domino 1

And guess what was in it?
domino 2

Every jot & tittle! I actually knew this was coming but didn’t want to spread the word too far for fear it might not happen. It’s just a little mention but exciting none the less! It’s especially cool because Domino is my favorite magazine (ever since Blueprint went away) and it’s the first non-scrapbooking magazine ej&t’s been featured in.

So, yay for me :) Thanks to everyone for your support, I appreciate you all!

Now that I have been back from vacation for almost a week, I need to get to work! But it seems as though things keep slowing me down. First, we returned home to water in our basement (the first time since we moved in 2 1/2 years ago… so totally unexpected) which wouldn’t have been a big deal except that is where I keep my work office. So everything had to be removed so we could take up the soaking wet carpet. Bummer. I still haven’t put everything back because then I ended up getting sick, something I have been somehow putting off (in Oregon everyone seemed to be sick, including Jason, but not me! And then I get home and get sick although I can’t complain because I’d rather be sick now than while on vacation.). So, I have been taking it easy and recuperating which means my brain is working while my body isn’t and I end up getting lots of ideas and by the time I’m feeling better I will be trying to do everything at once and probably will overdo it. At least that is what I usually do.

Okay enough rambling :) I will leave you with a couple of scans of some scrapbook pages I made for my little nephews for Christmas. As mentioned in previous posts, when a niece or nephew (so far I’ve only had nephews) is born, for their first Christmas I give them a scrapbook with a title page and a baby page and then every year I give them a page for their birthday so when they are 18 they will have a full scrapbook! This year my brother and sister-in-law added two more babies to the mix: Oliver, who was born in March, and Noah, whom they adopted in July. So for Christmas I was busy :) Also, Noah’s 1st birthday was technically in December so I scrapbooked an extra page for him. Here they are:

cover noah
Noah’s title page
On the title page I always leave room for a small picture from every year to be added thus the blank spaces.
baby noah
Noah’s baby page
one noah
Noah’s 1st birthday page

cover oliver
Oliver’s title page
baby oliver
Oliver’s baby page

Hopefully, I will have more to share once I’m feeling better!