Off We Go

We are ready to go (almost…)!
jk airplane

Christmas is now over in Tennessee. At least it is for us :) Today I prepared to leave for our vacation to Oregon and although I’m super excited to go, it was kind of sad taking down all the Christmas decorations I have worked on for the last 2 months. But, I definitely don’t want to come home in January and still have to take down the Christmas tree! So, in the box everything went. It will just make it doubly fun to open the boxes up next year and see all the pretties.

Christmas may be over for us here but it is coming for us in Oregon! And, crazy enough, there has even been snow there which is very unusual so we may have a bit of the white fluffy stuff around when we arrive.

This Christmas will be one to cherish because sometime in the next year, my parents are moving to Brazil. We don’t know what next Christmas will look like and so we are going to make the most of this year! I’m sad to see them go but so excited for the adventure they are about to go on.

So here we go, off on another adventure!