What I’ve Been Up To Part 2 and a Winner

As promised, here I am ready to fill you in on some of my Christmas decor. I will have to do this in 2 parts or the post will be too long so here is the first half, the living room. Get ready for a Christmas decor on a budget…

I have always liked the combination of silver and white at Christmas. In fact, Jason and I have had silver and white Christmas decor since we got married (9 years ago). I love that I can add an accent color or have the absence of any color and each year it can look different. This year I wanted it to feel magical and wintery. So I took out all the color in our living room except for the blue (I’m probably the only one who takes the red out during Christmas!). Since I was now short on pillows for the room, I made some:
I always make my holiday pillows as covers so I can just take off the previous cover and put on the holiday one. It also makes for easy storage since they fold flat. These particular pillows are made from a holiday napkin I found at Target this year (2 per pack for $3!). So I made two pillows. Napkins pillows are so easy to make because they are the perfect size, no need to cut. I love easy changes!

The next thing I tackled is candles in the windows. I love when you drive around at Christmas time and there are candles in the windows. It looks so inviting! Well, I already had some (fake) candles but they all are plug in and since I have a cat, it just doesn’t work. She knocks them off the window sill and has to play with them for awhile to satisfy her curiosity. Plus I don’t like all the cords hanging down. The other day I was at the dollar store and found some battery powered candles and I ended up getting 4 of them for $2. Sweet! But, they were cheap looking (surprise, surprise!). I wanted them to look more like the candles I already had so I worked on them a bit.
candles 1
The before…
candles 2
First step, I taped up the candlestick and spray painted the bottom black.
candles 3
Then I used my hot glue gun to create drips
candles 4
Then I painted the candlesticks. I chose cream but really you could pick any color. And next year if I want a different color, I could paint them again! This may sound like a lot of work but it really took hardly any time at all. Another easy project! And now I have candles in my windows!

I have been working on these ornaments for the past several weeks, just making a few here and there as I watch movies:
letter ornaments
I found the idea from this post which are completely amazing but I wanted mine smaller. I wish I had vintage wallpaper but Amy Butler paper works well. I backed them with chipboard. The letters all represent names of people we give gifts to so when I wrap presents I will attach them to their gift.

And finally, the finished room:
living room decor 1

Another view:
living room decor 2
The tinsel wreath is also from the dollar store. I love that place :)

Next time I will post the rest of the projects and pictures focusing on downstairs.

Now for the winner of the calendar:

Thanks so much to all who entered! Christa, I will contact you for your address. More to come next week!!!